All dodgy URL's will be removed and black listed across our networks and partner sites.

About DrURL

Created for use by Dr Adept and our clients.  We verify all submissions and remove any that may cause offence or point to spam, scams or nasty nasty websites.

Great for Twittering, shorten the URL and you can say a lot more to your followers.  Our algorithms make names much shorter than most domain name shortening services as well as allowing you to name your own short text which makes things a lot easier to remember.

Please report any illegal activity.

Using DrURL shortening service

Submit your long domain ie.  www.dradept.com/How_to_create_a_Map_Marker_that_stands_out_using_Fireworks click submit and it will be shortened to something like drurl.net/JO

New and improved feature allows you to choose your own shortened code.  You can have drurl.net/1 or drurl.net/me or drurl.net/domains etc as long as someone else has not taken it and it is still available.

When telling people about your new domain you may add on anything to the end as a guide if you wish.  ie.  drurl.net/4/Buy_Domains Everything after the short tag will be ignored.

For those suspicious types who want to know where you are jumping you can add a dash (-) character to the end to see where the link will jump to ie.  drurl.net/9- will show www.eddas-menu.com/camp

Visit drurl.net/RANDOM or drurl.net/RND to jump to a random listed website or just click the Random Jump Button on the home page.

Terms of use

English or translatable sites only may be submitted.  Banned URL's are added at the discretion of Dr Adept.  URL's may be removed at our discretion.  This service may be withdrawn at any time without notice.  Spamming or other illegal purposes is forbidden and if found the URL will be removed and details will be reported to the relevant authorities.  No warranty is implied or given. 

Click here to report any illegal activity.

Can I add any URL?

Most URL's are accepted, but if it is found to link to something inappropriate or used for spamming then it will be removed and added to our blacklist across our sites and partner sites.

URL's that are already short are also not allowed, what is the point of shortening a nice short domain? If you have a valid reason then let us know and we may change our minds.

Can I link to my Affiliate sites?

Yes this is a great way of shortening or hiding an affiliate link.  The URL address will only be visible once the site is visited.

Can I link to another shortening service?

No you cannot as we filter all the other URL shortening services out.  This is a technique only used by spammers and hackers to hide the final destination of the link.

Can I see all your shortened domains?

We do not list our shortened domains but you can use our Randmoizer.

Visit and you will be taken to a randomly selected shortened URL.